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    About Lighting Matrix
    Lighting Matrix Co., Limited (MATRIX) was established in 2011 and willing to list on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, mainly engaging in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of high quality AS/NZS standard LED Lighting. Headquartered in Hong Kong, and has a marketing center in Shenzhen, China. 

    QUALITY IS MATRIX CULTURE – we believe high quality products are the foundation of strategic partnership and Life Long WIN-WIN relationship.  Each product designed at MATRIX is subject to multi rounds of scrutiny, rigorous testing and evaluation, ensuring adherence to AS/NZS and international regulatory requirements and standards. All products undergo rigorous testing during the development and manufacturing process and before leaving the factories to ensure consistent product quality for each batch.  3 -5 year guarantee will give you trouble free operation. 

    Our team of engineers and designers are willing to discuss any ideas you may have relating to our current catalogue range or something special to complement your products line or project.

    Company Culture 


    To be the world's leader and premier provider in the Lighting industry.


    To create value for customers, generate opportunities for employees and benefit the community by designing,

    manufacturing and promoting a wide variety of LED lighting products.

    Core Values:

    Quality is MATRIX culture – we believe high quality products is the foundation of strategic partnership and Life Long WIN-WIN relationship.

    Customers first - We put our customers' interests on top of ours and endeavor to provide them with quality products and

    excellent services.

    Aggressive and innovative - We take a proactive approach in all our undertakings: aggressive in times of opportunity;

    positive in times of difficulty; and innovative in times of mediocrity.

    People-oriented - We consider our staff as our most valuable assets. Caring, communication and motivation are the

    essential cornerstones for building a great team.

    Serving the community - We believe the greatest value of our Group lies in the benefits we can create for the community

    at large. Apart from contributing our best in the industry, we also devote our time, energy and resources to help those who

    are less fortunate in our society.

     Quality Control

      We have Total Quality management. Since all the drivers are designed and produced by ourselves, we can control the quality from the basis. For LED sources, we only chose the reliable provider including CREE, Sharp, Bridgelux and Epistar chip and encapsulate in home. Every lamp from Lighting Matrix will experience 48 hours burning test and 2000 times switch test to check the stability.
      Reliable LED Light product comes from the high-end design requirement, strict test and TQM system. Lighting Matrix only offers you with reliable and durable LED lights products, please have a glance about our test equipment.

      led test,led light testing,led tester,light testing, lamp test,  tube  test. bulb test            
                 Voltage Withstand Tester                          Insulation resistance Tester                                 Leakage Tester

                  Voltage waveform tester                        Electronical parameters tester                                EMI tester      
        Environmental simulation tester                   LED photometric sphere tester            
             Lamp photometric sphere tester   
             Iluuminance tester                                 Multi Voltage & Temp. online Tester  
                  IP65 waterproof tester     
                Salt spray tester                                           Vibration tester                                                     Package drop tester

          Matrix back up our LED products with complete service, which ensures immediate assistance for customers if they have any problem. We provide spare parts and maintenance service, free of charge. OEM and ODM services are also available.

          If you are in need of AS/NZS LED Lights, please contact us today. We will do our best to get the most right LED lighting.