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            Main Measuring equipment and Capability
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             Lamp photometric sphere tester 
            Brand: Evenfine HASS 2000
            Qty: 2 Set
            Sphere: 1.8 m Dimension
            Spectral range: 380-780nm
            Spectral resolution:1nm
            Wavelength accuracy:±0.3nm
            Measurable items:
            Relative Spectral Power Distribution from 200nm-2550nm
            Chromaticity coordinate
            1931 Chromaticity (x, y)
            1976 Chromaticity (u’,v’)
            Dominant Wavelength
            Color Purity
            Color Temperature
            Color Rendering Index
            Peak Wavelength
            Spectral Bandwidth (FWHM)
            Red Ratio
            Luminous Flux/radiant flux (Equipped with integrating sphere)
            UV weighted radiometry quantities
            IR weighted radiometry quantities
            Photobiological safety analyzing software